Whether you are buying or selling a home on an abundance of land in Collier county, you will likely need the expertise of a seasoned real estate professional to help you navigate through the myriad of potential elements that may affect the sale or purchase of your property. We have a team of well-seasoned real estate advisors devoted, fulltime, to helping you make the most of your purchase or sale. This includes digging deep into issues that may cause a wrinkle in a normally smooth transaction. Below, please find a list of items you should consider when buying or selling a luxury home on acreage in southwest Florida. If you have a specific question related to properties in southwest Florida, please email us here.


• Building Restrictions

Guest-House Building Requirements

• Clearing Land

• Elevation & Flood Planes

​• Identification of Lowlands from Overhead Aerial Photographs

• Equestrian Rights

Exotic Plant Rules & Regulations

Growing Zones

• Homesteading in Florida


  Livingston Woods Logan Woods Oak Estates Pine Ridge Weber Woods
Are there Wetlands? YES YES YES LIMITED YES
Distance to Naples Municipal Airport (APF) 7.6 Miles 9.9 Miles 10.9 Miles 8.4 Miles 11.9 Miles
Distance to Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) 28 Miles 30 Miles 23 Miles 32 Miles 31 Miles
Guest Houses Available? YES YES YES YES YES
Home Owners Association NO NO Voluntary NO NO
Horses Okay? YES; Must Have 1 Acre per Every 1.3 Horses YES; Must Have 1 Acre per Every 1.3 Horses YES; Must Have 1 Acre per Every 1.3 Horses Specific Residences YES; Must Have 1 Acre per Every 1.3 Horses
Library 2.2 Miles 8 Miles 4.3 Miles 3.7 Miles 8.2 Miles
Livestock Okay? YES (no pigs) YES (no pigs) YES (no pigs) YES (no pigs) YES (no pigs)
Mercato (Shopping/Dining/Events) 4.9 Miles 9.2 Miles 5.5 Miles 2.2 Miles 8.6 Miles
Minimum Acreage 1.14 1.14 1.14 1.0 1.14
Naples 5th Avenue 9.1 Miles 13.6 Miles 12.7 Miles 6.5 Miles 13.3 Miles
Natural Gas Available? NO NO NO NO NO
Nearest Emergency Room 2.9 Miles 2.8 Miles 4 Miles 4.1 Miles 3.9 Miles
Power Provider FPL FPL FPL FPL FPL
Sewage Septic Septic Septic Septic Septic
Water Source Well Well Well Mostly Well; Some City



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