Livingston Woods means combining open-timber vistas with tasteful, comfortable landscaping. Choose a home with larger acreage in the heart of North Naples without bypassing the fine dining and boutique shops the area is known for. World-famous beachesare  just a few minutes away. Livingston Woods features several resort-style homes and guest-lodges for friends and family. Southwest Regional Airport just a short drive on I-75.


Total Square Miles: 1.23

Lot Size Minimum:1.14 Acres

Boundary Roads: Vanderbilt Beach Road to the North; I-75 to the East; Pine RIdge Road to the South; and, Livingston Road to the West

Growing Zone: Semi-Tropical

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Livingston Woods Real Estate Stats

We can slice-and-dice data many ways. That data may help you in deciding to purchase or sell a home or property. Here are just a few bits of data. If you would like to see any form of information about luxury real estate in southwest Florida, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Number of NEW LISTINGS since  January 1, 2016: 15
  • Number of Luxury Homes SOLD from January 1, 2016: 5
  • Average LIST Price, Per-Square-Foot, of Luxury Homes ACTIVE on the Market: $362.46 Per Square Foot
  • Average Price, Per-Square-Foot, of Luxury Homes SOLD from January 1, 2016: $273.21 Per Square Foot
  • Average Number of Days on the Market for Homes SOLD from January 1, 2016: 419
  • Average Number of DAYS to SELL for Homes SOLD from January 1, 2016: 119
  • Average CLOSED Price and ORIGINAL Price Ratio since January 1, 2016: 93.8%   (buyers paid this % of the original price)

Number of Luxury Homes SOLD in Livingston Woods by Year                         List Price by Square-Foot Ratio by Year

Sold Price to LISTED Price Ratio by Year (price at the time of sale)                 Sold Price to ORIGINAL Price Ratio by Year 

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