Logan Woods offers tranquility among tall pines, lush preserves and masterfully landscaped areas. Developed in 1977, the large properties begin at 1.14 acres and provide homeowners with the opportunity to tuck homes among the hammocks, build outbuildings, horse stable, long driveways, large, sweeping landscapes and much more. Equestrian properties often have stall blocks, riding areas and irrigated paddocks.


Total Square Miles: 4.14

Lot Size Minimum: 1.14 Acres

Boundary Roads: Vanderbilt Beach Road to the North; Collier Blvd. to the East; Pine Ridge Road to the South; and, Logan Blvd. to the West

Growing Zone: Semi-Tropical

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For Those Who Like Stats

We can slice-and-dice data many ways. That data may help you in deciding to purchase or sell a home or property. Here are just a few bits of data. If you would like to see any form of information about luxury real estate in southwest Florida, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Number of NEW, Luxury Home LISTINGS since  January 1, 2016: 31
  • Number of Luxury Homes SOLD from January 1, 2016: 9
  • Average LIST Price, Per-Square-Foot, of Luxury Homes ACTIVE on the Market: $293.77 Per Square Foot
  • Average Price, Per-Square-Foot, of Luxury Homes SOLD from January 1, 2016: $224.26 Per Square Foot
  • Average Number of Days on the Market for Homes SOLD from January 1, 2016: 168
  • Average Number of DAYS to SELL for Homes SOLD from January 1, 2016: 86
  • Average CLOSED Price and ORIGINAL Price Ratio since January 1, 2016: 92.3%   (buyers paid this % of the original price)

Number of Luxury Homes SOLD in Logan Woods by Year                                 List Price by Square-Foot Ratio by Year

Sold Price to LISTED Price Ratio by Year (price at the time of sale)                 Sold Price to ORIGINAL Price Ratio by Year 

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